1504 Stinson Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001

M:(307) 632-3174 | F:(307) 635-5240 | director@comeashelter.org | Robin Bocanegra, Executive Director

COMEA House & Resource Center

COMEA is an emergency shelter, serving men, women, and families. Residents receive a nutritious breakfast and dinner, a clean bed, personal hygiene products, a hot shower, clothing, transportation assistance, employment aid, and case management support.

Currently COMEA can accommodate 58 men, 12 women (8 additional beds coming in early 2016), and 3 families.  We also have 12 transitional living apartments for individuals who need greater support.

COMEA also assists travelers passing through with food, gas, and bus tickets.

COMEA House Programs-
The COMEA House has a pay-to-stay program for both men and women.  Individuals can stay for up to 120 days and are expected to pay $150 in the main shelter dorm, and $200 in a semi-private dorm.

These men and women are working or receive a disability income and are saving for a place of their own.  The COMEA House Transitional Living Program currently serves 12 individuals.

These men and women pay up to 30% of their income in rent and program fees in exchange for a private studio apartment. These residents continue with case-management but earn gradual freedoms and independence in preparation for life out in the community.