Success Stories

2015: We met Ken on a street corner where he was hanging out with a number of other homeless men, all intoxicated. Ken was under the impression that the shelter could not help him because he has an income, but had lost his ID and bank card and had no way of accessing his money. He agreed to get sober and come give us a chance. The day Ken arrived at COMEA, he was sober but had not had a shower in over 10 days. He had not had a haircut or shave in over 2 years. Within the first 30 days at COMEA, Ken was able to get his ID and banking information, got a haircut and shaved his 10 inch beard and moved into his own apartment at COMEA. Ken worked part-time for COMEA and volunteered a number of hours helping to give back. We discovered that Ken is living on a small insurance settlement from an accident that left him without a hand and a section of his skull. He has never applied for disability but is doing so now. Ken was a productive and important part of our staff and merely needed a simple hand up and the notion that people believed in him.

2016: Zack came to COMEA in October of 2016, the very same day he was released from prison after 5 years. From his first day here, Zack wanted to help out, make a difference, and change his situation. He accomplished this by always volunteering and maintaining a seasonal job through the winter to eventually purchasing his own motor home and becoming a full-time maintenance and janitorial staff at COMEA.

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