People experiencing homelessness may feel isolated, alienated, and often discriminated against because of misconceptions about homelessness, in addition to having nowhere to call home. We hope this page will help you understand homelessness.

How Many People are Homeless in Our Community

According to the 2016 HUD mandated Point In Time Count, there are 319 homeless adults in Laramie county.  Wyoming Department of Education estimates that there are over 350 homeless children in Laramie County in grades K-12.  Early childhood numbers are not tracked but Stride Learning Center is currently serving 16 homeless families who have children with special needs.  These numbers are all considered to be low as we are only able to count the people we come in contact with on the day of the count.

What Causes Homelessness?

There is no one cause of homelessness, family tragedies: the loss of a loved one, domestic violence and divorce.  Health impairments such as depression, untreated mental illness or post-traumatic stress disorder and physical disabilities are a large portion of homelessness. Foreclosure, unemployment, lack of affordable housing or something as” simple” as a broken vehicle or lack of vehicle insurance, can render a family homeless.  Even a natural disaster can render families homeless.
$992: Rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Cheyenne, WY
89.5: Hours per week a minimum wage earner must work to afford a one-bedroom apartment in Cheyenne
1 in 3 homeless people suffer from mental illness, physical disability or substance abuse.
Fair market rent for a three-bedroom apartment per year in Cheyenne would be $15,600.
People in the lowest paying jobs spend 50% to 70% of their income on rent.
Ongoing health issues, including disabilities and mental illness can prevent some people from earning an income and contributes to their homelessness

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